The Sound of Dust Experience

Reimagining gods, cowboys and spacemen of the old west.

Everything happens or is destroyed. "Sound of Dust" is a recollection of moments, events, clashes between different cultures in the spectrum of time.

The collection speaks much about culture clash, and timeless things across different ages. From a turn of the century duck fabric, indigo explorations, to a laser-made digi boro fabric - all topped off with elements of new age equipments, such as nylon and duraflex quick release hardware.

Its initial idea is about how to conceive the connection between all the changes that have come before, until it becomes a sum total of what it is today. These ideas perform in the works by the interplay of mind, body, brain, and culture - and is conceptualized as a performative process in design throughout the collection.

These designs were made with forward and functionality in mind, though take shape in classic cut garments. It is achieved by using important design elements from a hundred years back, which will still be relevant and functional in a hundred years time from now.

In a way, it is a feeling of bringing back the chaotic, forgotten past, into a new, bright future.

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