Finding the best pair means finding the best fit, above everything else. Fabric and texture comes second. Start your Denim Knowledge here.

There are many different fits or cuts of pants. Some brands call a fit something different. Some maybe even have a slightly special fit that is different than these. 

Elhaus throughout the years have developed different pair of cuts, which mainly falls into these four categories:

1. Iron Tail - Slim Tapered Cut.
2. Warbonnet - Slim Straight Cut
3. Dweller - Tight Straight Cut
4. Gazelle - Tight Tapered Cut (not available at the moment)

Let's dig deeper into this four cuts for Elhaus Denim.

1. Iron Tail - Slim Tapered Cut.

This is our most popular cut. We call this cut, the Iron Tail.
The pair is slim with a lot of room to move your legs. 
The jeans will have some width in the thigh and then get smaller as they get closer to the ankle.
With space in the thigh area wide enough for your daily chores, it tapers down below the knee.
Almost everyone would fit into a pair of taper fit pants. 
Nothing can go wrong in choosing a slim tapered pair such as this.

2. Warbonnet - Slim Straight Cut

This is the first cut of jeans made by us when we first started. It has a roomy top block in slim straight fit, and it fits straight from the leg to the knee. It’s our personal favorite. It fits fairly tight but comfortable. 

The key to a good fit of pants is having them make you look good. A trimmer cut will make you look taller and fitter. Those who are in good shape will be complemented by a slim fit like this. This fit will work for most body types.

3. Dweller - Tight Straight Cut

This cut is special to us, because we developed this cut out of curiosity of making a thinner version of the Warbonnet cut. This Tight Straight cut has a medium waist and comfortable thigh. A perfect modern cut, this cut is straight from the leg to the knee, and it's slim enough for your leg. This is a perfect jeans for those who like to wear high top boots, while still have a sneaker rotation.

4. Gazelle - Tight Tapered Cut.

Sometimes when raw denim comes into play, you either have to choose between comfort and how to look very smart. Sometimes, you want both. That's why we develop this Gazelle Cut and added it to our family. Gazelle fit is a Tight Tapered Fit. This fit is meant to fit your legs like a skinny jeans, so they are made with comfort stretch fabric for ultimate comfort. This means the elastane mixture inside the cotton yarn will stretch and retract as you wear them.

That's it for our fit guide. There are other guide to look around if you want to know which fabric to choose after you are fixated on getting the right fit. 

We recommend this guide to continue aiding your search for the perfect denim for you.