Different styles of wear evokes different styles of matching your denim and modifying its overall look. Have fun and experiment around your denim cuff with this guide.

Pinroll Cuff

Although pin rolling is similar to cuffing, it's not something to get confused with. Cuffing shortens the length, but maintains the fit - so your straight leg jeans stay straight legs. Pin rolling however not only shortens but tapers your jeans. Easy, practical and sometimes necessary, pin rolling is a technique that needs to be mastered.

Step 1: Take about an inch of fabric between your thumb and forefinger on the instep side of your pants so that the rest of the hem is snug against your ankle.
Step 2: Fold the material towards you, against the leg, to create a diagonal line of material.
Step 3: Cuff the pant by making two folds of the hem. Make sure to smooth out the cuff as you make each fold.

Single Cuff

Create a classic single cuff by flipping up your fabric (about an inch or inch-and-a-half) from the bottom of your jeans. If you want a cleaner look while sticking to the single cuff, tuck the tip of the hem (just a few centimeters) back behind the single fold.

Keep in mind, heavier cuffs pair best with heavier footwear—think boots or thick-soled shoes. Stick with lighter sneakers when sporting smaller cuffs.

Double Cuff

For the double cuff, simply flip the hemline up twice—about an inch or so both times. The double cuff works best with light to mid-weight selvedge denims. If you’re a smaller guy, steer clear from this leg-shortening style altogether.

Simple Roll

The Simple Roll is likely the most versatile on our list. Good with almost any shoe, the simple roll works with most fabric types and weights.

Step 1: Take the hem of your pant and make one fold up about two inches.
Step 2: Smooth out the material to make a nice flat cuff.
Step 3: Take the top of the cuff and fold the hem in behind the back, towards the pant leg.
Step 3: Smooth out the cuff to create one uniform fold.

Faux Cuff

One problem with cuffing is that can it hide that beautiful chain stitched hem. This is the perfect way around this. Do a rather high straight fold back, then roll once more to just under the chain stitched hem. You get the best of both worlds.